03 Setting up SVN

Submitted by suryaismail on Thu, 08/10/2017 - 09:13

Git has been a bit too powerful for this project, so the plan is to switch to SVN.

1) Remove git

- MDKExample (right click) -> Build path -> Configure build path

Configure build path


- Remove the folders that are linked from Git

Remove git folders

2) Install subversive (this is the SVN plugin)
Follow instructions at: https://eclipse.org/subversive/installation-instructions.php
(Use option 2)

3) Connect MDK example with the SVN server
- MDKExample (right click) -> Share project

Share project

- Choose SVN
Choose SVN

- Fill in SVN url, username and password
The URL: http://suryaismail.com/svn/clic-repo/
Username: Your name
Password: cliC2017
SVN settings

- Choose yes, the project already has content
Yes to content

- And choose CANCEL when asked to commit.  Right now, we're just hooking stuff up, not committing yetCancel commit

4) All done

- You can delete the ClicMod project if you like
- Take a look around and try things out: